Which BANKS pay MORE to INVEST your MONEY in Mexico? CONDUSEF responds

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have you ever thought that you want to start investing but you don’t know where or how to do it? Aware that this situation is very characteristic of many Mexicans, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF)has just given several tips to the entire population so that they can invest your money without putting it at risk, but at the same time get the best possible returns.

What can you invest in without the risk of losing money?

According to the most recent statement from the CONDUSEFfor people who want start in the world of investments, it is recommended to start with low risk investment instrumentswhich although they pay moderate amounts, you will not run almost any risk of losing your money.

Two of these instruments low risk investment are the Treasury Certificates (Cetes) and Notes with Yield Settleable at Maturity (PRLV).

  • Notes with Yield Settleable at Maturity (PRLV)

The PRLV is a financial instrument offered by the banksin which you can invest for a certain term, with a fixed annual interest rate, which allows you to dispose of the initial capital and the interest that has been generated at the expiration of the contracted period. The returns that they can offer you will vary according to the amount and term chosen for investment.

  • Treasury Certificates (Cetes)

On the other hand, cetesdirecto is a product and registered trademark managed by Nacional Financiera (NAFIN), it has a free internet platform and allows any user of financial products, invest in Government Values from low risk, without the intermediation of banks, brokerage houses or other institutions.

Who pays you more for investing your money?

The same CONDUSEF carried out a savings and investment simulation exercise, where it is possible to compare how much would be obtained with an investment of $10,000 pesos in 5 years to a term of 28 days. It shows the profit obtained from investing in Cetes, and the PRLV result, based on the same number of years. These were the results of who pays you more for investing your money:

As you can see, the best option is Cetesdirecto with a profit of $3,170.14 pesos, second, Compartamos Banco with $2 thousand 240.42 pesos, and In third Citibanamex with $1 thousand 284.87 pesos.

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