Tolosa: The works council of La Asunción denounces the “dismantling” of the Internal Medicine service

The Company Committee, during its appearance today / IÑIGO ROYO

It demands that the future hospital for the region be totally public in that it integrates the workers of the clinic

The works committee of the Asunción de Tolosa clinic has appeared today at a press conference to denounce “the dismantling of the Internal Medicine service” of this concerted health center, and to demand that the future hospital proposed for the region be “100% public”. %, with all the staff of the Asunción clinic.”

According to the representatives of the workers, belonging to the ELA and LAB unions, the internal medicine service consisted of three internists and a geriatrician, and offered a “vital service” for the hospital, since “the profile of the patient treated is multipathological ». They also commented that “other nearby and similar hospitals, such as the Alto Deba hospital, provide this service with seven internists plus a department head.”

The company committee denounced that, in the last three years, the company’s management has previously dismantled “the anesthesia service, the intensive care service and the trauma service.” “We are without a hematology service, with the lack of security that this fact provides,” said the workers’ representatives.

From the ELA and LAB unions, they assure that Asuncion Klinika has assumed the functions of regional hospital, “but with less staff than in public hospitals in other regions and with worse conditions.” They believe that the management of the clinic “has focused entirely on numbers and work times, instead of providing quality care to people.”

Regarding the projected future new hospital for Tolosaldea, the Works Council said that “to this day we still do not know what type of hospital it will be or the services it will have, nor do we have any news about the future of the workers.”

The works council has finished its appearance by demanding from the mayor of Tolosa and the Basque Government that the projected future hospital “be one hundred percent public”, “that it provide all the services of a regional hospital and in no case less than those that the Asunción clinic already provided before the dismantling of some services”, and that it be “a public hospital with all the workers who for so many years have offered public service in the Asunción clinic”.

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