The possible stadiums in which America could play after leaving the Azteca Stadium

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The Azteca Stadium will undergo remodeling for the 2026 World Cup, so America will have to find a new venue to host. What options are there in Mexico City?

The Azteca Stadium is a symbol of America.
© Jam MediumThe Azteca Stadium is a symbol of America.

The Aztec stadium it became a symbol of Mexican culture. Throughout history, it has hosted different events and has risen as the most important venue for Aztec football both locally and internationally. It is not only the house of America, but also the national team and Blue Cross.

In 2026 it will again receive public from all over the world, since it will be one of the venues for the world which will also take place in Canada and the United States. The problem for Las Águilas will be that the property must be rearranged to comply with all FIFA requirements and regulations for this type of event.

In the next few days, the dates on which the Colossus of Santa Úrsula will undergo restructuring will be announced. which will cause both Los Azulcremas and La Maquina, which also plays host there, to find other stadiums to play their home games.

What options are there?

Although the time in which the Azteca Stadium will be unusable to host sports duels has not yet been reported, the Mexican Soccer Federation is already alert to the situation and will order both institutions to have already resolved in advance where they will receive their opponents.

The ideal thing for Las Milonetas would be to play their matches in a stadium in Mexico City. The most viable option is the University Olympic Stadium, where they have already resorted in an emergency case. On the other hand, the Azulgrana de Atlante is now also available in Ciudad de los Deportes.

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