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The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics They will be marked by one of the most striking issues in recent times, because for regulatory reasons they disqualified five skiers for wearing loose clothing in their competition.

This situation was immediately punished and judged by the athletes, as they assure that for a long time, in other competitions, their texture in clothing had not had any problem, so they wait for a type of investigation to reverse this situation.

Stefan Horngacher, German coach, assured that “it is strange that they used the same suits yesterday and there was no problem. It’s annoying that this happens in the Winter Olympic Games. This should all be cleared up first.”

What was the controversy that eliminated them from Beijing 2022?

The athletes who belong to the delegations of Germany, Austria, Japan, Norway Y Austriashowed their disagreement about the disqualification, especially the German competitor, Katharina Althauswho revealed that his suit was validated in previous contests and had never had a similar theme before.

“They destroyed everything with this decision. I think they’ve destroyed women’s ski jumping. I have been reviewed so many times in 11 years of ski jumping and have never been disqualified. I know that my suit complied with everything”, stressed the Bavarian.

The International Ski Federation (FIS for its acronym in English) affirmed, for its part, that the clothing of these athletes favored them in their performance by staying longer in the air than their opponents, so when they were analyzed, the managers made the decision to eliminate them from all competition within these Olympics.

So far no further details have been revealed on the subject, so we must wait for one of the athletes or people in long shorts to clarify the situation more, which, for the moment, leaves the internal regulations of some in doubt. Winter Olympic Games.

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