Bengals and Rams ‘depress’ resale; half price tickets to SB

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Cowboys, Steelers, 49ers or Tom Bradythose were the names that NFL fans apparently expected at Super Bowl LVIbut the “disappointment” of having two unpopular teams like Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams has depressed even the resalewith tickets less than half the price of their value a couple of weeks ago.

The platform stubhubin which legally resell tickets for large musical, artistic and sporting events, is the clear example of how “soulless” both franchises are for the NFL fan and the general Super Bowl audience, the one who tends to be more interested in the halftime show than the game itself.

To the start of postseasonwhen teams like Packers, Steelers, Patriots, Cowboys, Niners, Chiefs and the defending champions Buccaneersin said portal they were sold for over 10 thousand dollars (more than 200 thousand pesos) the tickets general cheaper for him superbowlthose in the last row in the corner.

With the passing of the rounds and the elimination of the characters of popular interest, currently those tickets in the same area are found from 3 thousand 400 dollars (less than 70 thousand Mexican pesos)an amount that is still significant, but “gifted” for what is usually paid to be in the biggest game in sports in the US.

The tickets that are worth a million

Live the experience of Super Bowl is unforgettable. do it to pitch level in VIP box makes it legendary, but they are very few have access to such luxury at SoFi Stadiumthe most expensive sports property on the planet whose construction It cost more than 5 billion dollars.

In stubhub There is a possibility to buy exclusive places for the Rams vs. Bengalsbut the interested party must be willing to pay 49 thousand dollars for a ticket; that means if you want to be VIP they will charge you the equivalent to one million pesos.

Rams, Bengals and their low popularity

According to an NFL study posted to end of 2019 about the fan preferencesthe rams figure to half table between the 32 teams with the most followers and the Bengals are of the less popularat the level of other franchises such as Jacksonville Jaguars, Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons.

Yes OK the Super Bowl “overshoots” the teams involved due to factors such as halftime show, level playing and the extravagance that surrounds an event that is part of American popular culture, the truth is that this particular edition seems strange (at first) to individual big names like Brady, Mahomes or Rodgers, and to the franchises with a great call.

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