They were disqualified for the type of suit they wore in the Winter Olympics

The first mixed team competition in the history of the Winter Olympic Games was marked by controversy, after five disqualifications were given for wearing baggy suits, which would give them an advantage over the rest when they are in the air.

Germany, which had won four of the five world titles at stake in the mixed competition, was part of the two teams disqualified already in the qualifying round, due to the non-compliance of the costumes used by the Olympic runner-up Katharina Althauswho accused last Monday the International Ski Federation (FIS) to “destroy women’s ski jumping”.

“We were very happy to have a second event here at the Olympic Games” for women jumpers, Althaus said, quoted by the German sports agency S.I.D..

The FIS has destroyed everything with this operation. I think they have destroyed women’s ski jumping. I don’t know what they’re looking to do,” she stated.

“I have been checked very often in 11 years ski jumping and never been disqualified, not once. I know my suit fit the bill“, he added.

The coach of the German men’s team declared that, despite the great disappointment, “we must accept the rules”, surprising himself that the day before it was possible to compete “without any problem” with the same suits.

Male star Ryoyu Kobayashi’s Japan was also affected by disqualifications, in his case after the second heat, for non-compliant work by Sara Takanashi.

Two Norwegians and one Austrian were also disqualified for the same reasons.

Slovenia achieved gold.


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