Super Bowl 2022 will be the last for friends who have attended all

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Three friends that have attended all super bowls they expect the matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals to be spectacular because probably it will be the last time they enjoy together. Join me in reading this emotional story.

Don Crisman, 85 years old, Gregory Eaton of 82 Y Tom Henschel from 80 they belong to the select group of fans who have watched every game of the NFL’s Big Game live.

Chrismana Patriots fan, assures that this will be the last superbowl enjoy live unless than next year the team led by Bill Belichick gives him a surprise.

Except for a Mac Jones miracle next year. (I think) One year at a time, but I feel like we are very close to the end“He told Fox Sports.

One hopes to go all the way to Super Bowl LX

Gregory Eaton hopes to continue attending the Big Game, but believes that for health problems won’t make itwhile Tom Henschel looks forward to enjoying Super Bowl LX which will be held in 2026.

“I still think I have a few years left. I’m gonna try to make it to 60 (Super Bowls). But old age is catching up with us everyone,” Henschel said.

Chrisman Y henschel they met in the 1983 Super Bowl and in the middle of the decade of the 2010 met Eaton. His small club of fans who have attended every Super Bowl has dwindled over the years, due to the old age and death of some of its members.

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