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There are various diseases in Peru and the world that, due to their complexity, must be treated with medicines individualized, tailored to the patient to promote their recovery. These medicines are called magistral formulations and in Peru they are regulated by Digemid.

A master formulation is an individualized medicine, intended for a specific patient, prepared by a pharmacist or under his direction. Therefore, it is not produced on a large scale and is requested through a medical prescription, in which the composition required for its preparation has been detailed.

“To obtain the master prescription, the patient must have been evaluated by a doctor, who makes the prescription. Unlike traditional medicines, the magistral formulation adapts to the patient, and not him to his medicine”, indicated Antonio Ortiz, pharmaceutical chemist and general manager of QF Farmacia Magistral, the largest pharmacy chain in Peru with more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market.

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Using master formulations allows a series of advantages and benefits:

  1. Customize treatment: The masterful formulation allows to adapt the required doses to the needs of the patient. That way, you may receive more individual treatment to recover from your illness.
  2. flexible treatment: Using a master formulation allows for greater therapeutic efficacy in the treatment, allowing the mixtures (active ingredients) to be adapted according to the needs of the patient.
  3. They reduce the tendency to self-medication: The magistral formulas, by containing the treatment and individualized doses, prevent patients from consuming more medications than their treatment requires.

In what cases are master formulations prescribed?

The health professional points out that compounding is a very useful activity in the field of pharmacotherapy, especially for solving individual problems.

Thanks to it, medicines can be prepared for a patient who cannot be treated with a pharmaceutical specialty for different reasons. For example, when some industrialized drugs have disappeared from the market or orphan diseases are treated.

Likewise, it is prescribed when the dose that the patient needs is different from the standard; and certain intolerances arise due to allergies, atopic skin, chemical sensitivity, diabetes; or the required formula is not available.

What other professionals prescribe it?

In Peru, dermatologists are the health professionals who most prescribe master formulations to treat skin diseases and other medical specialists such as: pediatricians, gynecologists, ENT doctors, etc. Depending on your need, you can use the Magistral formulation within your therapeutic scheme.

In the same way, he pointed out that the magisterial formulations that have been prescribed the most in recent months are for the use of medicinal cannabis. “The magisterial formulations with medicinal cannabis are being used by cancer patients to treat their different symptoms,” he said.

“It is important to spread this type of alternatives to treat diseases for the good of the patient and his health,” he stressed.


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