Kamila Valieva: Prohibited substance found in skater’s blood

doping tests They have detected a prohibited substance in the blood of Russian figure skater Kamila Valievawhich was proclaimed Olympic team champion at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics on Monday.

According to today’s newspaper Sport-Expressthe substance detected is a medicine used to combat heart problems It does not contribute to the improvement of sports performance.

This analysis, according to the press, was allegedly performed out of competitionLast December.

Due to this positive, according to the press, the organization decided to suspend the medal ceremony of the team figure skating tournament.

In addition, both Valieva, 15-year-old European champion, and other members of the Russian team They did not jump on the ice today to train and prepare for the individual competition.

While the coaches and the Russian federation refuse to comment, the The Ministry of Sport considered “premature” to report a case of doping until official confirmation.

“The position of the Russian Federation consists of constant and consistent fight against all kinds of violation of sports regulations and Olympic ethics,” he said.

Legendary coach Tatiana Tarasova refused to believe that Valieva is involved in a doping case: “I dont believe it. No. I don’t believe this madness. Can not be. She is a little girl. She is a fantastic girl and athlete. Kamila hasn’t taken anything.”

Meanwhile, the famous Russian commentator Dmitri Guberniev wondered why, if the analysis was carried out in December, its result was only now known.

With everything, the Russian press is already beginning to report on a possible exemplary sanction for the skater and, as a consequence, the loss of the gold medal of the Russian team.

Russia currently has 11 medals on the medal table: two golds, three silvers and six bronzes.

Due to state doping, the Russian team competed in the previous Winter Games (2018), while in these they participated with the entire team, but without anthem or flag.

Valieva, unanimously considered the new Tsarina of the modality, made headlines around the world by performing a quadruple jump on the ice of the Chinese capital for the first time in history.


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