He chose his 8 C2022 reinforcements among 125 options, confessed Sports Director

After the departure of several of his referents, everything seemed to indicate that Blue Cross it would take a while to find the path to success, however, Machine today he is at the top of the tournament and has big plans for the future.

In that sense, Alvaro DavilaY Hector Lara, Executive Directorformed a Department of Sports Intelligence with the intention of giving Blue Cross what you need to chart a path full of success.

“At the end of the last tournament Alvaro Davila I wanted to have a planning and several proposals from players in almost all positions, so we reviewed about 125 elements to achieve these eight that arrived, starting with their origins and family background and we gave priority to the Mexicans, “said Lara in a chat with RECORD.

Thanks to the work of the team led by Dávila and Lara, Machine He was able to put together a hierarchical squad without having to fall into millionaire waste, thus healing the team’s finances.

“That was the mandate and we have taken care of every last weight. We want to thank the support of the Cooperative and Engineer Víctor Manuel Velázquez, who has been very close to the team, who supports us in assembling it and in the conformation of this area that should give results in the medium term, we know the importance that the club has for the Cooperative ” , he pointed Alvaro Davila exclusively with RECORD.

Erik Lira, Celeste reinforcement

The team of Reynoso He has left the ninth behind to concentrate on filling the club’s showcases with a team that is up to the demands, but the youth academy is also included in the institution’s great plans.

“In November a scouting chief arrived to start nurturing all the club’s categories, to bring in the best possible talent because it is important that the club recover that football heritage with all its players. The technician of the under 20 is Chop Orozcothere is Gabino Velasco, Adrián Cortés, people trained in Blue Cross that he has identified how he came to play in the first division, that is what we want to recover, “added Lara.

Luis Abram in his debut with La Maquina

“Blue Cross it has not lost prestige, it is one of the most important Institutions in the country and I think its prestige is well earned. Perhaps with the ninth he was reactivated and I don’t want to say that it is like an honour, but I do think that any soccer player from other parts of the world would like to be in Blue Cross”, sentenced Davila.


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