Duggan explodes for Ernesto Cázares’ comment

Ernesto Cazares continues to spark controversy Exathlon: All Star after taking the place of Marysol Cortés in the most demanding lands and beaches.

Vibrant race against the clock for Exatlón medals.

The champion of the first season of our reality show was supporting Javi Márquez on his way through the circuit, when he let out a thunderous scream that scared Ximena Duggan.

“Good Javi!”, he shouted. Ernesto Cazares a few centimeters from the ear of the drummer, whose reaction was anger at the joke from Veracruz.

In the advance of exathlon Tonight you can see Duggan walk away from Ernesto with an attitude of annoyance, while the parkour practitioner remains in shock on the bench.

the last weeks of Exathlon: All Star have been very difficult for Duggy Drummerbecause in the competition ceremony he appears crying for the loss of a loved one.

“Yesterday I was told that a cousin brother died a few days ago… from now on everything I do goes for you and all the strength I have I give it to you. I’m so sorry I can’t be with my family,” Duggan is heard in the trailer for Exathlon: All Star of this very night.

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Ernesto Cázares responds to the alleged rivalry with Duggan

In the chapter of Exathlon: All Star on Wednesday, February 9, 2022 we will be able to see how Ernesto Cázares regrets shouting very close to Duggan’s ear.

“It’s normal for you to express your feelings like that… because here you are in a bomb,” he expressed to the cameras of our reality show.

It’s not the first time Ximena Duggan He gets upset with his fellow Exatlón, because in the fifth season he confronted Stephanie Solís for whistling.

The drummer has also been upset with Heber Gallegos and Zudikey Rodríguez for supporting their teammates with shouts, as Duggan has taken the red team’s cheers as distractions to his person.

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Advance Exatlón, chapter 9. | Reds and blues face each other in a close mixed duel. | Exathlon All Star

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