Chargers player helps Hispanics with 50 thousand dollars

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Michael Davis helps a small market affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Los Angeles Chargers cornerback Michael Davis offered help to a Mexican family in California whose food and grocery business had been hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Associated with the PepsiCo company, Davis presented the Mexican entrepreneurs, the Rico family, with a check for 50,000 dollars so that the family can carry out a work with which they hope to boost their business.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, in addition to the money, Davis left a couple of tickets for the 2022 Super Bowl of the National Football League (NFL), which on Sunday, February 13, will be played by the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinatti Bengals at SoFI Stadium. , in Los Angeles. Those who buy five or more products at El Mercadito, the Rico family’s store, participate in the draw for tickets to the grand finale.

The market is located in Inglewood, in Los Angeles County. His clients are mostly the Latino community in the area. The Rico family accessed the premises in 2021. At first, sales went well. The explosion of the Delta and Ómicron variants of the coronavirus put the business in check from one month to the next.

The Rico family will build a restaurant

As already mentioned, the Rico family suffered the ravages of the last wave of the coronavirus. If necessary, the owners of El Mercadito consider it essential to add a restaurant to the grocery store. For this they needed capital that they did not have.

Soccer player Michael Davis found out about the situation these Mexican migrants were experiencing. He didn’t hesitate for a second. He moved his influences, contacted PepsiCo executives and got the financing: a check for 50 thousand dollars that he himself took care of delivering to them in his business.

“Our children have grown up here from when we were employees and now as owners of the business. We wanted to have an opportunity for our children, to be business owners, and now we are working together as a family. It has been a bit difficult, but we continue working together,” Silvia, one of the founders of the business, told the Los Angeles Times.

Davis’s Mexican Roots

As soon as he learned about the Rico story, Michael Davis told his mother, who is of Mexican nationality. It was his mother who encouraged him to carry out the project.

“My first thought was ‘wow, $50,000 for a business, for a Hispanic family, oh yeah, I’ll be there for them.’ I’m Hispanic, I’m Mexican and whatever Mexicans do, I have to be there to support them because they support me,” said the Chargers football player.

Johannes Evenblij, president of PepsiCo for the western region of the United States, vindicated solidarity moves like this: “Hispanic businesses were disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. This help is part of the ‘Together We Grow’ program, which is a program that the company launched last year as a result of seeing this problem”.

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