They reveal ‘anger’ of Messi and Neymar for possible renewal of Mbappé

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The PSG continues to wage an internal struggle for convince Kylian Mbappé to renew with the club, because apparently his desire to play in the Real Madrid goes beyond anything, but in case of retaining it, there may be ‘internal problems’ with the Parisians, well Messi and Neymar would not be very happy that he stays.

TO Mbappe they see him as a player who ‘defines you a game without help’, which is why many European clubs want him. It’s known that among the great stars there is a fight of egos and that could affect Messi and Neymarsince in case of renewing the French, they could be affected.

How would the renewal of Mbappé affect Messi and Neymar?

According to information from ‘Marca’, the PSG is preparing a mega contract to retain Mbappé, Well, his plan is to make him the highest paid player, in the short term, so that he doesn’t leave next June, but that would affect a bit to other of its stars.

Reportedly, the Paris would be willing to pay the french more than double of what he earns today; the Mbappe annual salary round the €18 million and they want upload it to around 42being the one that obtains the most income from the club.

Messi gets a annual salary of 41 million euros and Neymar would haunt the 37, so for make possible the renewal of Mbappé and adjust the wage bill, they would ask to the South Americans reduce your salary made with which they would not be satisfied.

Eye, this data at the moment it’s a posibility which would be analyzed in PSG but if it materializes, it could start a ego fight, well a 23 year old player old not only I would win more than Messi and Neymar, but they they would have to ‘put out of his bag’ to retain himso to speak.

PSG seeks to do everything so that Kylian affixes his signature to a new contract but at the moment there is nothing official, so new news is expected in the coming days.

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