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Universal access to health includes medical care, which in Mexico continues to be deficient, both preventive and diagnosis and cure of diseases. But if this attention is deficient, measured as a percentage of attention to the population, a large part of that percentage (of those who manage to be attended) also has the problem of finding the prescribed medicine in the public pharmacy on time.

The pre-Q4 model included a distribution-intermediation axis in the supply link, where the distributors acquired medicines on behalf of the government and sent them to public pharmacies. The President implemented a series of measures to eliminate the corrupt and abusive intermediation of the distributors, which is why an important link in the supply chain was fractured, a link that was already deficient, where unfortunately the orders that Previously, they were made months in advance. This part has been resolved, but there are still many areas of opportunity in the distribution and coordination between those who are buying the medicines (Insabi, Unops, IMSS) and the final consumers.

We have to build a modern drug distribution system. This means building a chain of processes that begin with the programming of the acquisition and security in the handling cycle of each medicine, from the point where it is ordered to the point where it is consumed. It means creating a reliable system for registering each manipulation to which the medicine is subject in order to find faults in its supply in an expeditious and corrective manner. It means the digitized identification of users where each delivery of each medicine is identified with each user. It means maintaining a transparent chain of custody of the medicine throughout the distribution cycle. And it also means separating tasks to minimize theft and diversion.

This is the formidable challenge of the federal government. Build a single drug distribution system with the best standards of excellence. Without this system, the procurement effort falls short of our goal of universal access to health.


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