The reason why Soteldo did not return to Brazil

Yeferson Soteldo He was the protagonist of one of the novels of the recent transfer market. His future away from MLS was a certain reality, but his destiny was not. In Mexico and Brazil they fought to get his services, but in the end he ended up prevailing over the wishes of his now former club, Toronto FC. Before, it rang loudly to return to Santos, but for a curious reason he did not return.

The exits of the skilled Venezuelan in his clubs are not usually in the best way. He started when he parted ways with the University of Chile. Later, it was learned that his stay in Major League Soccer was not what was expected and he urgently wanted to leave the Canadian club, which is why he left a few days ago. Just arrived at Tigres de México, it was revealed that he would also have gone badly from Peixe, where he shone.

The crack had several suitors.  (AP/Ariana Cubillos)

The crack had several suitors. (AP/Ariana Cubillos)

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With Pelé’s 10 he had a great performance: he scored 20 goals and distributed 17 assists in 104 games, in addition to being runner-up in the 2020 Copa Libertadores. Later, he left for Toronto, where he did not perform as expected and only added four goals and six assists in 26 games. A few months later and after making it clear that he wanted to leave, the arrival of Lorenzo Insigne for the next season he anticipated his departure from the Canadian team.

He was sounded out of Brazil by several teams, among which Santos re-emerged strongly, but apparently the leadership closed the door on him. Yeferson ended up signing for the Felines in exchange for 6 million dollars and with the pass of Carlos Salcedo as part of the barter between clubs.

He was able to return to Brazil.  (REUTERS/Ernesto Benavides)

He was able to return to Brazil. (REUTERS/Ernesto Benavides)

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Andrew Wheelpresident of Peixe, confessed that they were the ones who decided to lower the blind before the rumors continue to spread. “Now that Soteldo already has a team, I feel more comfortable to speak. People know the external, not the internal. The Management Commission not only sees the sporting aspect, but also the behavioral aspect”he expressed.

“Personally, I didn’t want Soteldo in Santos, no matter why. I don’t think his profile… what I expect from the profile of a Santos player goes beyond scoring goals and scoring, that also has to be analyzed”he shot, sharp.

The disenchantment was quick.  (UESLEI MARCELINO / POOL / AFP)

The disenchantment was quick. (UESLEI MARCELINO / POOL / AFP)

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Your arrival in Mexico

“For me the first thing is the goals and assists, the most important thing for me is to win titles and be able to win the classic. A very nice challenge, I think it was easy when the proposal was given, I come here with great enthusiasm, looking forward to it, it’s a good place to do nice things”Soteldo said upon his arrival.

He left Toronto for Mexico.

He left Toronto for Mexico.

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Last Sunday he already made his debut. Despite having played just 12 minutes, he managed to stand out in the 4-3 win against Mazatlan as a local and within the framework of the fourth date of the contest. With the ball glued to his foot, the winger started from the left and was in charge of showing the audience what he is capable of doing.

He had some starts in his typical 1vs1 in which he stopped his brand and aroused the celebration of the spectators. Of course, in the midst of the tension for not being able to settle the result and the incessant rain that fell throughout the night in Monterrey, Soteldo brought joy to those present at the Universitario stadium.

He debuted and took all the flashes.  (Julio Cesar AGUILAR / AFP)

He debuted and took all the flashes. (Julio Cesar AGUILAR / AFP)

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“Is a great player. [En el mercado de pases] We looked for a revulsive player with a gambeta and when people found out that he was part of the team, they began to discover him through his videos and received him with great satisfaction. He made two players lose their minds and showed that he is a great player.”the coach insisted on the concept Michael Herrera.

Soteldo replaced Luis Quiñones at 84 minutes of the match. Despite the fact that the team was in the defensive phase to try to take care of the partial victory, he managed to touch the ball eight times, completed the four passes he tried and made two satisfactory dribbles. In addition, he received two fouls in the offensive zone of the field of play and won the two duels from below.

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