The president of Elche does not rule out the departure of Iván Marcone

The president of Spanish Elche, Joaquín Buitrago, did not rule out the departure of the team in the next few hours of Argentine midfielder Iván Marcone, for whom several clubs in his country have shown interest.

The player, with little prominence this season, wanted by Independiente de Avellaneda, is evaluating the possibility of returning to Argentina, whose transfer market closes this Wednesday.

Marcone participated in 13 games, but only eight of them as a starter, although he has suffered several muscle injuries that have prevented him from being available in recent weeks.

“He is a much-loved player at the club and whenever he has left he has given everything, but you have to take into account the personal projection of each player and how they feel most comfortable”, explained Buitrago, who added that at Elche “no we close the door to no one nor do we live with our backs to the players”.

The president, who made these statements in the presentation of fellow Argentine Ezequiel Ponce, admitted the possibility that “certain negotiations” for the player could bear fruit, although he specified that the midfielder’s departure “we do not see it as something necessary or urgent.”

Buitrago praised the management of the club carried out in the last two years by Christian Bragarnik, who personally leads the negotiations of the players due to his knowledge of the market.

“People are facts and what I intuited has come about, that he was the right person to direct and manage the destinies of Elche,” said Buitrago.

“He is not a person who has come out of nowhere, but after many years and setbacks he has been learning, as happens in any profession. He knows and dominates this world well and those random elements that influence it, such as luck, ”argued the leader of the Elche team.

“He is a magnificent manager. I refer to the tests. After two years he is managing the club in an almost optimal way”, added the president, who indicated that the key to the entity’s good financial situation is “control spending as a family economy”.

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