F1 2022: Red Bull live presentation of the RB18, Checo Prez’s new car for the 2022 Season

Presentation of the Red Bull RB18 live

It is a beast!


“It was difficult, but nice, I’m excited to start, we work with the engineers. I hope that as drivers we can compete even more with the new rules, and be able to interact more with the fans.”

“We have to return to normality to live with the fans, we have suffered many restrictions, Formula 1 has a lot of scope for the fans.”

Christian Horner

“It was an intense race, from the first to Abu Dhabi, 2021 is going to go down in history as one of the best seasons, now we have to keep the title, it’s going to be difficult.

“The objective is to keep the title, we have a good car, to see it today is fantastic, it is the culmination of a good union in the team”

“Checo got the title in Azerbaijan in his first season; take a step forward in 2022. Seeing the drivers working with each other, we enter 2022 in great shape.”

Now appears the Red Bull boss Christian Horner, announcing the majority association with Oracle, for which the squire takes the name of Oracle Red Bull Racing

appear ‘Czech’ and ‘Mad Max’, with a message to the fans. Welcoming the presentation of the new RB18, and thanking the fans for their support during the 2021 season.

In addition to remembering the great triumphs orchestrated in the last campaign, which established Verstappen as world champion.

And we start with the presentation!!!

And the Minister of Defense of Mexico appears, Sergio ‘Czech’ Prez

Let us remember the passage of Red Bull in the past campaign.

The horned team finally broke the hegemony of Mercedes, which had taken over the Drivers Championship for several years now. The person in charge of said palmars was the Dutch MaxVerstappen, who added 395.5 points, surpassing the 387.5 added by Lewis Hamilton.

In regards to Constructors Championshipit was again in the hands of the German team by adding 613.5, far from the 585.5 added by the energy drinks team.

Welcome to the Formula 1 party!!!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Today is a very special day for the followers of the Formula 1 and especially for fans of Red Bull Racing; since the presentation of its new single-seater, the RB18, will take place.

The Austrian team will start the 2022 Season with the task of repeat the Drivers’ Championship from last season, and with the aim of breaking Mercedes’ hegemony in the Constructors’ Championship; that is why they will present a new bull, with which they hope to achieve the objectives set.

Do not miss all the details of the new car, to be left in the hands of Max Verstappen and Sergio ‘Checo’ Prez, live and exclusively by BRAND Sure.


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