Toluca Femenil apologized for the goal against San Luis; users criticize them

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After the scandal in social networks for the controversial goal, Women’s Toluca posted a video to apologizebecause the goal scored by stephanie baz He did not intend to miss the values ​​of the scarlet club, although that did not prevent the criticism from continuing.

In the video they appear Carlos Adrian Moralesdirector of basic forces of TolucaY Gabriel “Magician” Velascocoach of Women’s Tolucawho explained their point of view by the goal the team achieved when the goalkeeper Stefani Jimenez I was injured.

It never crossed our minds to get an advantage because the Deportivo Toluca club has never taken advantage of that. He has always won everything as requested and demanded by Liga MX,” says Morales.

How was the controversial goal?

Toluca scored the first goal of the game against saint Louis when the goalkeeper Stefani Jiménez was injured when she came out with the controlled ball. When leaving the ball on the field, one of the Toluca players recovered it and sent a service for Baz who scored the goal while the goalkeeper was on the pitch.

The goal is valid because the ball was in play and although the Atlético San Luis players protested, the referee could not invalidate it.

But nevertheless, the video has continued to receive criticism from fans, because they consider that the message was not adequate for the situation.

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