This is how the disfigured face of Mario Barrios was left after receiving a beating

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The American Mario Barrios he did not have a good time in the ring last weekend, when faced his compatriot Keith ThurmanBecause this he beat him up and left him with an unrecognizable face for the severe punishment he gave him.

The ‘Azteca’ had his chance to move up to welterweight in Las Vegasbut the result was not what I expected, because He received a heavy punishment during the 12 rounds who faced Keith Thurmanwho is finished leading the win by split decision.

For its part, Keith Thurman made his comeback in the ring, because he had not fought since 2019, when he fell to Manny Pacquiao; However, in his return left a good imagealthough neighborhoods got the worst of it end up with a broken nose, which made his injured face even more of a scandal. Keith Thurman is a former Super WBA and WBC world champion.

According to Yahoo Sports, Mario Barrios received 181 blows from his rival, enough to disfigure his face; Meanwhile he Aztec hit 105 times Thurman.

The fact did not go by for the users of the social networks, who once the fight was over, they began to ironize that Mario Barrios resembled the character from Avatar from the movie james camerondue to how swollen his nose and face were.

This is how Mario Barrios’ face turned out:

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