Germán Arangio points out that he did hit Piojo Herrera in Toros Neza

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German Arangio came to impose his law in the mythical Neza bullseven on players of strong character, being one of them Michael HerreraTo who gave him “a beating” just a few days after arriving at the cluba version that was first made known by Antonio Mohamed and later denied by the Tigres strategist himself.

In an interview he gave in Argentina, the Turk commented that the Piojo tried to intimidate him in one of the practicesalthough in exchange he received a beating in his clothes that is still being talked about today, because he ended up fainting at the hands of a young man.

“Yes, 99 percent of what he says is true. It never came to light, because there was no cell phone to film, that was left there in the dressing room, but if. I think it was the days that I arrived,” Arangio recalled in an interview with the YouTube channel MX South America.

“We were playing a ‘picadito’ one Friday before the game, I hit him from midfield and he started to take it out on me, to say things, but I don’t know why he took it out on me“, he abounded.

“What the Turk doesn’t remember is that I stayed stretching, Ojitos Meza approached me and said ‘Germán, Herrera is like that, he talks and talks, do not go to do anything because it will generate a fine‘. When I saw him in the locker room and what happened happened.”

And what happened in the dressing room?

Muhammad pointed out that it was the Piojo who provoked Arangio and that the fight between the two occurred just when he was still working. “I go back to the dressing room and Piojo Herrera was on the stretcher with a broken nose!,! gave him a beating.”

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