el Rebaño already knows when it will play against FC Juárez; JJ arrived in Guadalajara; news with Damm and return of Jesús Molina

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Guadalajara already refines details prior to a week with double activity

Raúl Gudiño jumps at the Akron Stadium (JAM MEDIA)
© JAM MEDIA 2021, JAM MEDIA MEXICORaúl Gudiño jumps at the Akron Stadium (JAM MEDIA)

The week started full of information about Chivas, who already knows when he will play the pending match against FC Juárez, in addition to the fact that Marcelo Michel Leaño already has notions of when he could use José Juan Macías on the pitch.

There is already a date

The League confirmed that the pending match of day 4 between FC Juárez and Chivas will be played this Wednesday, February 9 at 7:00 p.m. central time, thanks to better weather conditions.

José Juan Macías has already arrived in Guadalajara

After a trip of more than 10 hours, José Juan Macías arrived at the Pearl of the West and assured that he would arrive ccommitted in search of earning a place in the Sacred Flock, where he trusts that he will be happy.

He joked with Atlas fan

At the Guadalajara airport, Macías attended to fans who asked for photos or video greetings, where a Zorros fan who approached him said “chivas up, brother”, causing the red and black fan to smile.

Damn, far from Chivas

Despite offers from the Atlanta United board to loan Jürgen Damm to Chivas, the board has not accepted the deal because it’s not in the plans and they couldn’t register him for this tournament.

Molina returned to training

The Flock captain, Jesús Molina, has already rejoined collective training with the Sacred Flock squad after obtaining rnegative result to COVID-19 that marginalized him for a few days from group practices.

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