Board of directors of Atlanta United offered Jürgen Damm to Chivas and offers to pay part of the Mexican’s salary

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A contractual difference between the board and the Mexican soccer player caused the MLS team to offer him to some teams, including El Rebaño

Jürgen Damm during a match with Atlanta (GETTY)
© 2020 Emilee Chinn, Getty Images North AmericaJürgen Damm during a match with Atlanta (GETTY)

Atlanta United wants to get rid of Jürgen Damm, so they traveled to Guadalajara to offer it to Chivas for the interest shown in December; however, the rojiblancos are not convinced because they could not register him for this Clausura 2022

The MLS team tried to renegotiate the Mexican’s contract for a salary reduction, a situation that the 29-year-old winger did not accept, so the board of the Georgia team decided to offer it to some clubs such as the Sacred Flock, because the Guadalajarans asked about him a few weeks ago.

Although at first in Chivas the possibility of signing the Pachuca youth squad was analyzed, this option was discarded when the rojiblancos finalized the exchange of Uriel Antuna for Roberto Alvarado.

A fountain confirmed to Rebaño Pasión that Atlanta offers a loan with an option to purchase, where even they would pay part of the salary from Damm for a year; however, the rojiblancos have not agreed because they could not register him for this Clausura 2022.

Why couldn’t Chivas register Jürgen Damm?

As explained by the Mx League regulations, in order to register a new player until March 9, it is necessary that said footballer has been a free player no later than February 1, a situation that does not happen with Jürgen Damm because he has a current contract with Atlanta United.

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