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Who is no longer so sure on the bench is my Santi Solari in America. Just as you read it. One might think that after the year as the best of the regular tournament he would have credit to follow the entire Clausura 2022, but it turns out that the streak without results or performance has already set off alarms in Coapa and the board awaits the games to come, not only against Santos, but the ‘double day’ that includes the pending with Mazatlán at midweek, to make a decision. Believe it or not, Solarism may end soon in the Nest.

In addition, it adds to the crisis of the bench that does not make a squad play that is finally made in its own way, as requested, both reinforcements and exits. On top of that, the anger is not only from fans, but there is already discontent in the locker room, several lost confidence in him.


To show the discontent in the squad, what happened in the Azteca against San Luis, because as a result of the poor performance of the Eagles, Jorge Sánchez, who is recovering from the injury in the Tri, couldn’t take it anymore and decided to leave at half time; As I have eyes everywhere, I was able to confirm that he left laughing with friends on board his truck, almost at the time that Cáceres was taken to the hospital.

The fracture in the squad is evident even for Solari, who after the defeat took the group to the center of the field to try to prevent the crack from widening, but as with a broken cup, when the pieces are glued it will not be the same again .


And if you thought that the boss’s visit to El Nido would not bring consequences because it was followed by a big loss at Azteca against what was the worst team in the Liga Em Ex, let me clarify the picture for you.

Part of the message that Azcárraga told the group in Coapa was also addressed to the coaching staff.

I tell you an essential phrase that the owner threw out: “To get to America, the door is big, but to leave it is even bigger”, referring to the fact that not because they arrived with great fanfare they had a guaranteed place. Later, in short, he was in charge of reminding the board, referring to the position of the coach, even throwing the hint at the Presi Baños. If the boss doesn’t beat around the bush.


Well, the first adjustments are coming, since they are considering applying an immediate and effective measure, the one that always works with the footballer: touching his pocket.

They told me that they are already evaluating the economic sanction, with the endorsement of the employer, for the lack of performance and results with the famous ‘premiums’, that is, freezing bonuses while they do not take off. This is known by radio corridor and has hurt the group; a positive reaction is expected to avoid it. Let’s see.


What a repercussion generated by the failure of Rayados in the Club World Cup, in fans and royal media, who thought that since Tigres had reached the Final, Monterrey now had to be champion. He was hard hit by the fall of his Goliath, as they had never experienced before, despite the fact that, as Aguirre rubbed them in the face, “he has come five times and has never won.” Put lemon on the wound.

Of course, claiming with a death threat message is to put a stop to those fans and even the reporfans that make them second; What an image they sent to the world from the United Arab Emirates: Mexicans protesting in the style of drug traffickers in soccer.

What is a fact is that not even with this will they cause the Rayados board to beat Vasco, there is no plan. For Aguirre to leave, it is the coach who must decide. And the only person who has enough influence to make this determination is his wife, who is fed up with the claims. Of course, the helmsman warned: “I feel strong to continue”, so I don’t think I’ll throw in the towel.


I tell you that another head fell this Clausura: Necaxa will thank Pablo Guede in the midst of another losing streak. They tell me that the Argentine coach became unbearable in Aguas and there was no one who put their hands to defend him.

And no, this time ‘Profe’ Cruz or ‘Poncho’ Sosa are not going to take over, not even ‘Memo’ Vázquez who just left the hidrocálido club last September, this time a different one is going: at last the Olympic medalist without medal, ‘Jimmy’ Lozano, who has already accepted the Rayos’ proposal. Success!.


From the outset, a lot of noise was created that Damm could return to Liga Em Ex, especially with Chivas for not being considered by Atlanta, but there is confusion. First, he is not free, because he has a contract until 2024 as the third highest paid in the club with a base salary of 1.3 gringo melons per year.

And although messages have been sent such as the one from ‘Gonzo’ Pineda, United coach, who assured that he is no longer linked to the team and that he even trains for his part, Damm is well attached to receiving what corresponds to him. What the Emelesero club is looking for is to impose a contract restructuring to lower his salary.

Another way out is to negotiate him abroad while maintaining his salary, even on loan, but in Mexico, for example, he can no longer be hired, since the date for signing players with a current contract has expired. That I can guarantee you: Jürgen will not give his arm to twist.


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