a player left the Azteca Stadium at halftime of the America match

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In the match between América and Atlético de San Luis, Jorge Sánchez decided to leave the Azteca Stadium. How will they take it indoors?

America keeps piling up bad news.
© picture 7America keeps piling up bad news.

America it fails to mesh a series of results that give it the support that Santiago Solari urgently needs. On Sunday they fell against Atlético de San Luis and accumulated their second consecutive loss to continue in the bottom lot of the standings of the Closure 2022.

The last duel was a bucket of cold water for the aspirations of Las Águilas: in the Azteca Stadium, they lost against one of the worst teams in the First Division. On top of that, he conceded three goals, had many errors in defense and, although he got close to the end of the scoreboard, he did not generate too many goal situations.

As if these situations weren’t negative enough, The Army Sniper Daily Record reported a hitherto unknown fact: At halftime of the clash at the Coloso de Santa Úrsula, Jorge Sánchez couldn’t take it anymore and left the venue.

The right-back, who is recovering from an injury suffered with the Mexican National Team, He left laughing aboard a van with friends. Minutes later, his partner Sebastián Cáceres was injured and taken to hospital. How will they take it in the institution?

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