5 things to do after chemotherapy

Cancer is a disease that affects both the patient and the loved ones around them. In fact, one of the most difficult things is the process that occurs after chemotherapy. It is worth mentioning that the treatment not only affects the bad cells but also the few good ones that the patient has. So he needs other help to regain his strength.

There are effective nutritional medications to help you cope with the shock of going through chemotherapy. Such is the case of Ocoxin; this is a compound that activates molecular function and, consequently, increases the antioxidant capacity of the organism, in addition to having biological properties.

Things that can happen after chemotherapy

If you go to your first chemotherapy treatment, you need to be well informed about what can happen. That way, the impact will be less strong, as well as making the recovery process easier. After chemotherapy, several changes can occur, both physical and emotional.

  • The appearance of nausea and vomiting is the most commonoccurring two hours after undergoing treatment.
  • After several weeks of starting chemotherapyyour hair will start to fall out. In some patients, the hair may change color, although this is not as common. The good thing is that it will grow back in a couple of weeks, maximum six months.
  • The appetite will change, being less and less after each session, so it is necessary to change the routine at the time of eating.
  • The mood changes because the patient goes through an abrupt process. So, it is best to be patient, keep your composure. When you feel down, it will do you good to do different activities, change your routine. Some patients decide to go to a psychologist or support groups, where they can do relaxation activities.
  • Other symptoms that may occur are diarrhea or, conversely, constipation; the nails begin to stain, become thinner, dry and, consequently, more brittle.

What to do after chemotherapy?

In addition to using useful medications to strengthen the immune system, there are five things you can do to recover from chemotherapy, thus helping your body to kill cancer cells faster. After each chemotherapy session we recommend:

  1. Eat food in small portions, and that foods are varied, nutritious and healthy.
  2. Stay away from strong smells, which could make you nauseated.
  3. After vomiting, wait an hour to start sipping fluids, measuring tolerance level.
  4. Rest in a chair, avoiding lying down for a period of two hours after chemotherapy.
  5. Protect you from both the cold and the sun.

The chemotherapy process is strong. However, it is the best to be able to recover from a disease as horrible as cancer. Following the recommendations in this post will be essential to overcome each step, and achieve the battle against this enemy. The support of the family is important, but even more, that the patient fights with a good attitude.

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