While Simeone misses him, what Xavi said about Héctor Herrera

What Xavi said about Héctor Herrera while Simeone belittles him
What Xavi said about Héctor Herrera while Simeone belittles him

The coach of FC Barcelona, Xavi Hernandezreferred to the bulky result of 4 to 2 over Atlético de Madrid where he was Hector Herrera, who entered in the second half.

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Although Simeone does not want it, Héctor Herrera in 3 minutes shuts up the DT’s mouth

Diego Simeon he prefers his scholars before the Mexican Hector Herrerathis time before the FC Barcelona He gave him just 15 minutes when the die was cast on the global scoreboard. At the end of the match Xavi ensured that the match ended very evenly.

After the expulsion of Dani Alves, FC Barcelona had to recompose his defense and that was where Hector Herrera wreaked havoc in search of discounting the marker. Xavi He assured that the midfield was very populated and that being with one less they preferred to be more cautious, because in their eagerness to seek the fourth goal, they could play against them.

Will Héctor Herrera stay at Atlético de Madrid?

With a few months left for the contract to end, the mattress board would have determined that at the end of the season it will be decided whether or not the player renews with the group, in addition, the continuity of Diego Simeon would be in doubt, which is why Atlético does not guarantee him to stay Hector Herrera.

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Goodbye Simeone and his slights, Héctor Herrera’s new team in Europe

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