Toluca Femenil takes advantage of the San Luis goalkeeper injury and scores a goal

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A strong controversy was experienced this afternoon in the Liga MX Femenil match between Toluca and Atletico San Luisin which a goal was scored while the goalkeeper of the Potosí team, Stefani Jimenez, he was suffering. The fans claimed Stephanie Baz’s action on social networks.

In minute 33 Jiménez left his goal to keep the ball, but At the time of reaching for the ball, he ended up injuring himself and left him free.

There, Stephanie Baz took the opportunity to push the ball without the presence of the goalkeeper and ended up making it 1-0.

They remembered goals from Tigres against Veracruz

This action earned him a lot of criticism on social networks where they pointed her out for lack of fair play and they even compared it to what happened a few years ago in Liga MX with Tigres and Veracruz when André Pierre Gignac scored a goal against the sharks who were complaining about the lack of payments without going for the ball.

The competition regulations of the Liga MX Femenil indicate the actions that can be done during an injury such as what happened with Jiménez, so the game had to be stopped by the whistler Yair Ugalde Rivera.

What is stated in the Regulation:


  • He will allow play to continue until the ball is no longer in play if he considers the player’s injury to be minor; stop play if he deems any player to have suffered a serious injury, and allow him to be carried off the field of play. Injured players may not be treated on the field of play, and will not be allowed to re-enter the field of play until play has restarted; if the ball is in play, the injured player will return to the field along the sideline (…). The only cases in which an exception to this rule may be made on the departure of injured players will be when: A goalkeeper is injured; a goalkeeper and an outfield player collide and require medical attention.

The choricero team won 2-0 in their visit to Atlético de San Luis.

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