The two things you should avoid spending money on, according to Mark Zuckerberg

Despite their fortune, there are many great tycoons and millionaires who lead a fairly normal life, avoiding all kinds of luxuries. For example, Steve Jobs was committed to always wearing the same type of clothing, as it helped him save time in the morning and focus on other projects. Bill Gates, for his part, prefers to invest his fortune in real estate, books or big business rather than in other luxuries such as cars or expensive clothes.

The case of Mark Zuckerberg is similar, since despite being one of the richest men in the world according to Forbes, he prefers to lead a simple lifestyle. As revealed by the businessman himself, both he and his family have a humble and austere lifethey especially avoid spending their wealth on branded products.

First of all, try to be careful with money and only use it when it is very necessary. This is perhaps the key to maintaining a great fortune, which is estimated at about 117,000 million dollars. In fact, according to an official document Zuckerberg released in 2013, he has a symbolic salary of only one dollar for his work as CEO of Meta (Facebook). The rest of the money is obtained from other income, such as shares or extra benefits when the company is doing well. Now, the tycoon has decided to reveal two products in which he never invests his money and that he also recommends eliminating in any budget.

Neither cars nor brand clothes

As indicated in GQ, Zuckerberg has decided not to invest money in two things. First of all, clothing brand, since he considers that this type of clothing or accessories are not necessary. The most common is to see him with jeans and basic t-shirts, something that he has also captured in his Metaverse character. His mentality is that clothes won’t last forever and therefore he prefers to have simple options to replace them without spending much.

The second thing is expensive vehicles or sports models. Many have seen the millionaire driving around Silicon Valley with a black Acura TSX model, which is worth around $30,000. In his opinion, it is a safe and comfortable option, as well as allowing him to camouflage himself and avoid being ostentatious. According to CNBC, it also has a Volkswagen GTI that has a similar price to the previous one.

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