the numbers ahead of Super Bowl LVI

Is it better to win the opening coin toss? Are white jerseys the lucky ones? Here we present all the trends for Super Bowl LVI

Los Angeles Rams will “visit” the Cincinnati Bengals in his very familiar sofi stadium next February 13 to direct the next champion of the NFL. It’s about a superbowl unpublished; These two teams have never met in a final instance.

With so much history yet to be rewritten, it is worth reviewing what has gone before in the previous 55 editions of the superbowl, to identify some trends that may –or may not– be a factor when rams Y Bengals jump onto the gridiron next Sunday:

The die is cast?

Win the coin toss superbowl means, as in any other game, the possibility of choosing to receive the kickoff in the first instance, or defer until the second half, a path that has become fashionable in the NFL in recent years.

However, winning the toss seems to bring little luck to the teams that do: After 55 editions of the superbowl, the team that has won the coin toss has emerged victorious from the commitment on just 24 occasions, with 31 matches in which the winner of the toss came out on the losing side.

In fact, there are seven super bowls consecutive runs in which the winner of the coin toss loses the match, the longest streak either way.

The last winner of a toss who triumphed a superbowl? The Seattle Seahawks, who won 43-8 over the Denver Broncos at Super Bowl XLVIII.

As a side note, there has only been one overtime toss in the history of the superbowl. In the LI edition, Atlanta Falcons won the coin toss to start the game, but lost the overtime coin toss to the New England Patriots, which concluded with a 34-28 win after falling behind 28-3 in the biggest comeback in big game history.

the color of victory

The Cincinnati Bengals will visit the house of Los Angeles Rams, SoFi Stadium, but since we are facing a superbowl even in the numbering, the team of the AFC it serves as a venue for administrative purposes, according to the annual rotation between the two conferences. That means Cincinnati chose in the first instance the color of the uniform, and the Bengals they will play in black jerseys, white shorts with orange stripes, and orange socks.

The rams, instead, they will come out with white jerseys and yellow sleeves, and they will be the ones who choose when the coin is tossed.

Two of the last four champions of the superbowl wore their colored jerseys in the big match: the Kansas City Chiefs were imposed on the San Francisco 49ers at Super Bowl LIV by 31-20, wearing their red jerseys; and two years earlier, philadelphia eagles they surprised the New England Patriots at Super Bowl LIII by 41-33, wearing green jerseys.

Before that, the trend clearly favored the teams with white jerseys, which won every super bowls with the exception of one, in a space of 13 seasons. Of Super Bowl XXXIX to the Super Bowl LI, all the teams with white jersey raised the Vince Lombardi Trophy with the exception of Green Bay Packers, who conquered by 31-25 the Super Bowl XLV Over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In all, 35 of the 55 super bowls that have been disputed have been for the team that wears white. 20’s super bowls won by teams wearing jerseys in their primary colors other than white, the longest winning streak is just three, when patriots they won wearing blue jerseys Super Bowls XXXVI Y XXXVIII, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wore red between those two victories, during the Super Bowl XXXVII.



In an exclusive interview with John Sutcliffe on Pro Bowl Skills, the Cowboys defensive end talks about his favorite for the Super Bowl.

The one who hits first, hits twice?

The team that scores the first points in the superbowl it has, after 55 editions, a win rate of 65.454 percent, with 36 wins in the big game.

In just 19 instances, the team that didn’t score first came out the winner, including the champions of the past two years. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers They saw the upstairs Kansas City Chiefs through a field goal harrison butker before completely annihilating his rival with four touchdowns and a field goal against two more field goals than KC on the rest of the way.

A year earlier, the chiefs they saw the marker move in the distance when Robert Gould hit a field goal for the San Francisco 49ers, before allowing a second-half comeback for the title of Kansas City at Super Bowl LIV.

How much does the regular season matter?

The superbowl it is its own game, and it is said that records do not play. That’s true. However, the record with which the clubs arrive at the decisive match is usually a reflection of, at least, constancy over the last few months.

On 21 occasions, the team with the best record in the league — or one of the teams tied for the best record in the league — capped their campaign by winning it all. This is a rate of 38,181 percent, not inconsiderable, considering how many teams qualify for the postseason.

That’s not going to happen in the Super Bowl LVI, which will be played for the first time without at least one of the two teams that got a bye in the postseason thanks to their record in the regular season. The top two seeds from each conference, Tennessee Titans Y Green Bay Packers, on the AFC Y NFC respectively, were left out in the Divisional Round.

The last time the two best teams in the NFL met in the Super Bowl was in the LII edition

But, if we go to the head-to-head comparison of the teams of superbowl, the teams that arrive with the best record have a clear advantage. On 26 occasions (47.272 percent), the team with the better record ends up beating their opponent in the final match. On the other hand, on 19 occasions the team with the lower mark of the two has won (34.545 percent). Finally, there have been 10 occasions in which the teams that dispute the Lombardi arrive with the same brand, a situation that is not the case in the edition LVI, where Los Angeles Rams They arrive with two more regular season wins than the Cincinnati Bengals, although without a divisional title as he did get Cincy.

Information of ESPN Stats & Information was used in the writing of this note.

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