The new Mexican who arrives at Spanish soccer

Javier Martinez Loya
Javier Martinez Loya

A new Mexican will join Spanish football at the hands of Leganés. Javier martinez loya You will have your first experience abroad with a professional team.

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Javier Martínez Loya is a soccer player from Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. He began his career as a child in the FC Barcelona academies; while in Mexico they report that he was in the Tribu FC team of the third division within Aztec football. Now the Mexican team will have another player to compete in the various youth tournaments.

“I am very excited and, above all, very committed to giving my best in this great opportunity that is presented to me. I have worked hard on polishing my skills and now I am putting them at the disposal of my new club. I thank my representative and my parents who have trusted me,” Martínez said in an interview with El Heraldo de Chihuahua.

Mexicans in Leganés

Javier Martínez joins the ranks of Leganés as other Mexicans such as Javier Aguirre and Diego Reyes did at the time.

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