Test Ford Ranger Raptor Special Edition: A rock to test

      If yours are not the typical SUVs with a robust appearance but civilized behavior and you are looking for a true SUV, surely you have already realized that it is increasingly difficult to find a good car with these characteristics. However, Ford has a most interesting proposal for you: a pick-up designed by Ford on the other side of the pond that is marketed in our market with all its potential intact and from now on, in a limited edition. yes i mean this one Ford Ranger Raptor Special Edition that has earned a spot in our in-depth test section because: who doesn’t want to try a real car from time to time?

      A really special pick-up

      The first thing you should know about the pick-up that we are analyzing today is that it is one of the three special versions with which the Ford Ranger Raptor is going to say goodbye to the market to make way – yes – for a new generation. Thus, what we have in front of us is fundamentally the same Raptor as always, but with a unique finish, with which only a series of limited units will be produced for the whole world. Ford has not indicated how many these will be, but there are three customizations available: Wolftrak (with military aesthetics), Stormtrak (with specific off-road details) and Raptor Special Edition, the most racing of all and the one that we have been able to analyze with greater depth in Car and Driver. Here are our reviews.

      2021 ford ranger special edition

      Fordcar and driver

      At first glance, the Ford Ranger Raptor Special Edition still shows a more striking point than its “normal” variant, which is saying… The main culprits are the two double Mustang-style stripes running across the top of this huge pick-up, but that are also present in its side line and of course, in its rear. These matte black bands – like the wheels – include red trim, the same color present on the tow hooks, the steering wheel and other interior details. But without stopping to analyze the exterior of this Special Edition, we must highlight the Raptor details that are the house’s trademark: widened wheel arches, large off-road tires, front bumpers and side skirts in a silver color and some ‘Raptor’ logos in short-sightedness test so that when you see it pass by on your street (or two or three streets further on) you have not the slightest doubt about what you have in front of you.

      Three colors: Conquest Gray and Frozen White, and Performance Blue, are the only ones available

      Inside, some equally distinctive elements are striking, such as the leather seats with special upholstery, the aforementioned steering wheel with red stitching and a dividing line marked in this same color in its upper central part, and the characteristic instrumentation of the Raptor. But beyond that, a plate with the serial number of this limited unit or some similar detail that would give it even more packaging is missing. With all that, at the level of ergonomics nothing to reproach: the seats gather the body perfectly, the driving position is perfect and of course, we travel so high that on the road we can look over the hood -and shoulder- To anybody.

      2021 ford ranger special edition

      Fordcar and driver

      In fact, it is worth remembering that this variant –Raptor– is equipped with BF Goodrich All-Terrain 285/70 R17 tires that command respect just by looking at them and that, together with the rest of the modifications that they include, allow it to be six centimeters taller, 16 wider, and 11 longer than the conventional Ranger, with no less than 4.6 centimeters of ground clearance that are appreciated and much in the field.

      Thus, we have a pick-up that It measures 5.37 meters long by 2.02 wide and 1.87 high, which together with its wide wheelbase of 3.22 meters, results in an imposing vehicle.very close to the revered Ford F-150 that triumphs in the United States but still hasn’t reached Europe and a beast that has only one real alternative on our continent: the Jeep Gladiator.

      Unique sensations on the road… and in the field

      It is time for the mechanics to take center stage in our analysis and we are sorry to tell you that we do not have good news in this aspect: we drive a Special Edition with the same 213-horsepower 2.0 EcoBlue engine and the same ten-speed automatic transmission as the normal Raptor. Traction is 4×4 but manually connectable. Driving a roulette located in the central console, we can choose between 2H, 4H or 4L, which are equivalent to rear-wheel drive, total or reducer –low gears–.

      2021 ford ranger special edition

      Fordcar and driver

      Anyway, the feeling is that at all times we have a reserve of power under the accelerator pedal more than adequate to move the 2,585 kilos that our rocky 4×4 weighs. The key is undoubtedly a high torque, 500 Newton / meter maximum that are available when you need them most, from below – between 1,500 and 2,500 laps, to be exact. Of course, do not expect to find in this block the civilized response of the turbodiesels to which Ford has accustomed us in its passenger cars, here This 2.0 engine is felt because it is quite noisy, rude and expensive than we would have liked: 11.5 liters used on average in our usual measurement section, mixing city, highway, ring road and mountain roads at legal speeds and sustained pace.

      Otherwise, the steering offers good electrical assistance and although it is not very fast, it is more effective and communicative than we expected, offering some resistance at a fast pace both on the road and on trails. In addition, this effect increases slightly when we use Sport mode, the first step towards madness. The Ford Ranger Raptor has up to six driving modes: Normal, Sport, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud/Sand, Rock and Low.the latter being the most interesting because it basically serves to free the electronics just enough for us to have a great time driving off-road while preserving the traction and stability controls on alert.

      Unlike the Gladiator, the Raptor shines more for its chassis than for its mechanics

      On the road, despite the tires it is equipped with, its high air and rolling resistance and its weight, this Raptor is surprising for how comfortable, stable and precise it is. Keep in mind that we are talking about a car that exceeds 2.5 tons and that the inertia when braking, accelerating or taking interlocking curves are always there, but it does not take long to detect that its suspension works continuous miracles. It has a double wishbone scheme at the front and a rigid axle at the rear, both with coil springs but above all with some valuable Fox shock absorbers, capable of holding the body on the road and to allow jumps, wades, skids and all kinds of crazy things in the field.

      2021 ford ranger raptor special edition

      Fordcar and driver

      It’s not necessary to have fun, but if you engage the Low mode you will find that the engine responds more immediately to the throttle, the automatic gearbox –by torque converter– selects low gears and makes reductions very quickly to favor rally-type driving and so it doesn’t take long to get the point of a Raptor that we only miss a little more rage when we hurry its range of revolutions. Before reaching 4,000 laps, the engine has already given its best and it shows. In this sense, a Jeep Gladiator with a V6 diesel engine is more stimulating, although at the level of chassis and general dynamism, it is behind the Ford.

      It does not have limits

      Where the Ford pick-up recovers ground is in the steepest areas. It features entry, exit and breakover angles of 32.5, 24 and 24 degrees, respectively, with a ground clearance of 283 millimeters and a wading capacity of 85 centimeters. Figures that make it preferable to the aforementioned Jeep in the trialeras and although the keys are its best levels, the great response of the four-wheel drive with reduction gear and electronic locking of the rear differential and the aforementioned special tires that they equip, have also been essential. to get this advantage.

      2021 ford ranger raptor special edition

      Fordcar and driver

      More practical than you think

      With similar characteristics and with the contrasting abilities that it presents, the Ford Ranger Raptor is even more so in this special edition, a passionate purchase. But beware because I could be a much more practical car than you expect. Its double cabin interior accommodates five adults without problems, the cargo box, in addition to being spacious, has a blind with semi-automatic closure that works like a charm and allows this surface to be used as a large trunk and at the level of equipment, it takes advantage of all Ford’s advances in technology and safety.

      For example, the analog dashboard integrates a central color screen that offers good information and clear reading, while the multimedia equipment is the brand’s famous SYNC 3, associated with an 8-inch screen and compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Below it, the two-zone climate control stands out, as well as the two USB-type auxiliary inputs and as many 12V power outlets, available in this area, also full of good storage holes for glasses, glasses, keys, among others. Come on, you don’t miss a detail.

      Price of the Ford Ranger Raptor Special Edition

      After all, it is clear that we are dealing with an unusual vehicle, to which the name “special” falls far short. Now, in addition to being the beast you expect on and off the asphalt, this Raptor stands out for being a more practical and valid car for day to day than one would expect due to its characteristics.

      2021 ford ranger special edition

      Fordcar and driver

      As a 100% fun vehicle, we miss a rougher engine and, above all, greater customization for this limited edition Special Edition. However, the first is an advantage on a day-to-day basis because it makes it a 4×4 that is not wasteful and very usable, and the second also has a good counterpart: its price. Unlike many versions of this type, it only costs 950 euros more than the normal Ranger Raptor. Specifically, 61,856 euros for an efficient, fun and collector’s SUV.


      In favor: General aesthetics, practical use, suspensions, equipment, driving fun.

      Against: Performance and feel of the 2.0 diesel. Little distinction of this special series.

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