Summary of the game Tigres 4-3 Mazatlan; Charly González saves them

One night when Juan Pablo Vigon and Carlos Gonzalez they came out inspired, the first did a double that gave the advantage to tigersbut Mazatlan equalized in the second half; however, the decision to switch to Nico Lopez and enter instead Carlos Gonzalez changed the course of the match. Charly provoked a penalty and scoredand although those from Sinaloa pressed with another goal in compensation, the 4-3 gave the felines the three points in the Volcano.

Vigón showed that he wants to be a starter, leaving a difficult task for Sebastian Cordova; while González was able to exchange boos for applause, since entering 62′ for the tooth lopezthe fans did not receive him in the best way and he was the one who helped the team to reach seven points, while the rival remains at zero after Day 4 was held.

The ‘fiesta’ of Vigón began

At 11′ of action, John Paul Vigon finished before an assist from Andre-Pierre Gignac, who headed a precise pass to the second post to his teammate, who also pushed with his head for the 1-0 of the felines.

While at 20′, Mazatlán seemed to react, when Brian Rubio took a tremendous shot from long distance that Nahuel Guzman managed to catch.

Vigón would be present again on the scoreboard, this at 23′ when from the left Luis Quinones He gave him a spectacular left-footed pass, which Juan Pablo reached through the center to finish off the 2-0 with his foot.

At minute 41′, Ivan Morenor almost hit the target for the Sinaloans, but his low shot that surprised from outside the area, went through the side of the goal.

Mazatlan scared

In the complementary part the scoreboard was tightened, since at 46Nicholas Benedetti sent a pass to the center of the area, in the face of a defensive error by Guido Pizarror; Brian Rubio He arrived to push the first from Sinaloa.

Later, at 64′ Benedetti made it 2-2 on the scoreboard, he took Xavier Aquino for speed and Guido did not manage to cover the shot that matched the cards either.

Charly changed everything and Tigres was superior

Tigres would recover, because at 73′ a penalty was scored on Carlos Gonzalez, who was knocked down after a cross into the area by Luis Quiñones; The man in charge of collecting was Gignac, who at 76′ made it 3-2 with a powerful shot from eleven paces.

Cocoliso made the differencenot only was he the one who caused the penalty in favor, but also scored the fourth in the game, took a ball and took away all the rivals, including the goalkeeper, to take a shot at the nets for the 4-2 that seemed definitive .

The University Stadium chanted “Charly, Charly”it is so that they left behind the boos that they had given him when he entered the field.

Night of debuts and return of Marco Fabián

In the end, everything was happiness, the low speed in the defense of the Chilean debutant, Igor Lichnovsky it was no longer noticed; the Louse Herrera was able to brand new Yeferson Soteldo at 83′, while from Mazatlan, Benat San Jose tried to do something on the attack with the return of March Fabian entering 61′, but it was useless.

Who did do something for the team was Miguel Angel Sansoressince he closed a clamp at 94 ‘to put the closure in trouble with 4-3, but the remaining seconds were insufficient for Mazatlán to achieve the feat.

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