Rayados: player asked to be taken out of the hotel said Willie González

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The scratched from Monterrey had their debut and farewell to the Club World Cup this Saturday, February 5, where they fell to Al Ahly of Egypt and were eliminated.

Given this, Criticisms have been expectedfrom journalists who spoke about the performance of The gang in the game, even fans in Abu Dhabi who expressed their discontent by popularizing the “Out Aguirre”.

However, the tension around the Cerro de la Silla complex did not end there, because this Sunday, the journalist from multimedia Willie González revealed that he and some fans were evicted from the concentration hotel where are the scratched due to a request of the players because “they bothered them”.

“Do you know why they took us out to valet parking? Because a player complained about us and then the manager came and He told me that they kicked us out of the lobby because we made a player uncomfortablebecause we were close to where he was having dinner and they took us out,” he mentions.

About 30 fans came, one of them confronted the players and what do you think happened? Well, they took out the fans. These players that we have here are very protected, they are very pampered, that’s all that happens to this team. There’s a lot of player arrogance,” he added.


In social networks it was the first impression, where the request for the departure of the strategist Aguirre went viral, however some fans in Abu Dhabi took the opportunity to leave a ‘souvenir’ to the Basque.

On the morning of Sunday, February 6 (in Abu Dhabi time), he appeared outside the concentration hotel of scratched Some egg cartons with sheets with the strategist’s photograph and the legend “Out Aguirre”.

The photographs went viral on social networks where the hashtag #FueraAguirre was also used and the performance of the players in their sporadic participation in the Club World Cup was also discussed.


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