Goalkeeper stopped a penalty with his face, they knocked him out and ‘destroyed’ the field

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Inside of the soccer there are sublime moments that rarely come to light. That is the case of a brazilian goalkeeper who left everything on the field in order to save a penalty, so he covered it with expensive and not only fell knocked out, but ‘destroyed’ part of the court and To make matters worse, his team ended up losing.

This curious fact took place in the 2022 Copa America futsala semifinals, where Argentina was measured before Brazil in a duel that left many emotions… and even scars.

Goalkeeper was a hero without a cape on penalties

Brazil and Argentina were measured in a heated duel that reached the last instances, because tied at 3 goals in regular timeso to define who would access the Grand Final, they played the penalty shootout.

Everything seemed very normal up to this point; Brazil shot first but your player could not get it into the network, for what it was turn of TOArgentina and here began ordeal for Roncaglio, Canarinha goalkeeper.

The player Argentina gave priority to force on the placement of the ball and put a real fierrazo, hitting squarely in the face of the Brazilian goalkeeper but without entering the network. The carioca avoided the fall of his bow but not his, because he was so stunned that he went backwards; he knocked down his goal and a couple of ads.

Immediately they went to attend to him to make sure there was no problem with him and Apparently he couldn’t continue so he gave his place to one of his companions.

The most epic ending it would have been that Brazil will end up winning the game after the act of his goalkeeper, which was not premeditated, but things didn’t go wellwell Argentina took the victory by bookmark 3-1 in the penalty shootout.

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