Bundesliga would implement ‘liguilla’ to avoid more Bayern titles

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In Europe one of the top local domains is inside the Bundesligawell the Bayern Munich He has been ‘lord and master’ of the tournament for years. To look at end the reign of the Bavariansin Germany they would be thinking implement the league (playoffs), Well, that way they would give variety to the champions.

Bayern Munich has won the Bundesliga since the year 2013 to 2021; today They are leaders and take 11 points from Borussia Dortmund, so they will most likely get their tenth championship in a row and that subtracts ’emotion’ from the competition.

Bundesliga thinks about Playoffs

According to information published by the newspaper ‘Bild’, in the german soccer would be seriously thinking about include a playoff phase at the end of the season for define the championbecause the leader taking the trophy would no longer be very ‘profitable’ for them.

Donata Hopfenexecutive director of the Bundesliga, opened the possibility to implement this phase soon, since he commented that the competition format is not definitive, although This would not happen overnight.

“There is nothing fixed or eternal. If it is necessary to bring the Playoffs model to regain competitiveness and that the same person does not always win, well will be brought. It’s a complicated system that depends on many variables to come to fruition,” said Hopfen.

Which European leagues define their champion in the Playoffs?

for now there is only one league who plays the league in the Old Continent and that is the Belgian Jupiler League. In the last 10 years has been four different champions: Genk, Bruges, Anderlecht and KAA Gent.

If the phase of Playoffs on the Bundesligait would be the first of the top 5 in Europe that includes this competition mode, something unique that could be a watershed for the rest, then SpainFor example, him qualification usually It is disputed between Real Madrid, Seville, Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid.

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