América vs Atlético San Luis: Goals, Summary and Videos

They tried but it did not reach them. The Eagles they do not find a way to get out of their losing streak that extended to 8 games without a win, something that had not happened since 2011 and now until Athletic San Luis, last place in the tournament came to thrash home 2-3 exhibiting terrible deficiencies in America.

The start was surprising with a saint Louis dominating and it seemed that it was only a matter of time before the visiting team opened the scoring, and it was in a set piece where Unai Bilbao He put a powerful front that left no chances for William Ochoa, who a couple of minutes before had already taken a goal.

However, the team’s worst moment had not yet come, that happened at the start of the second half when, in a childish oversight, the rival took the team badly so that Abel Hernandez He practically walked to the door.

The psychic blow was overwhelming and just a few minutes saint Louis put a tombstone with the third goal scored by German Berterame by staying hand in hand with Memo and beat him with a shot below the legs.

Roger Martinez took it upon himself to shorten the distance when time was running out, Henry Martin assisted the Colombian inside the small area for the attacker to shoot Marcelo Barovero. Then it was Martín who, anticipating his mark, finished off with a crossed header to leave a more decent marker.

meré in his debut

The Eagles they are in crisis, and the lack of reinforcements can no longer be their pretext, the responsibility begins to fall on the technical direction that continues without finding a formula that makes the team play better.

On your own, at saint Louis It seems that he liked the change of coach and that the arrival of the Brazilian Andre Jardine came to give him a new face.


Sambueza before the match

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