Xolos defeated Pumas by the minimum; Talavera, hero of the university students

Of the Cougars that dazzled at the start of the tournament, not even the shadow was shown before Xolos. Although the university students lost by just the slightest difference, the score could have been larger, but thanks to Alfredo Talaverathey avoided an embarrassing marker.

Talavera became the undisputed hero of Cougars. During the first half, the goalkeeper from the capital received at least six shots on goal that, between bailouts and deflections, all were intervened in an impeccable manner.

As if that were not enough, the goalkeeper reappeared moments later. Defensive inattentions were a constant in the auriazul squad and derived from this the frontiersmen got a penalty that was charged by Facundo Ferreyra and saved by ‘Tala’ and although the action was repeated, the Argentine striker missed the shot again.

And if the leading role was in the lower area of ​​​​the feline group, it is a sign that the offensive sector did not exhibit its best versionproof of this were the few two shots they achieved at the opposite door, which did not have a favorable outcome for those led by Andres Lillini.

Neither Juan Dinennoneither Jose Rogerio or Diogo de Oliveirawere able to reflect their presence on the scoreboard and with a dominant Tijuana, this ineffectiveness took its toll on those from Pedregal who at minute 69 received the score from Lisandro Lopezwho scored a great left-footed goal that this time was unstoppable for ‘Tala’.

With this result, Pumas registers its second consecutive loss and after starting the tournament as the general leader, it is now in the fifth position of the general table, so they will seek to revive the momentum on the next day when they receive the Lion.


Lisandro López of Xolos celebrates annotation

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