Vitamin D reduces risk of death from covid-19: according to study

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A study by scientists from the Bar Ilan University yehe Galilee Medical Center of Israel revealed that having good levels of vitamin D reduces the risk of death or serious illness from covid-19.

This retrospective study examined whether there is a relationship between the level serum vitamin D and the severity and mortality of the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

“Among hospitalized patients with covid-19, vitamin D deficiency prior to infection was associated with increased disease severity and mortality,” concluded research published by Pls One.

Vitamin D is most often recognized for its role in bone health, but a low status of this substance has been associated with a sseries of autoimmune, cardiovascular and infectious diseases due to its role as an essential immune mediator, the study specifies.

Epidemiological risk factors for vitamin D deficiency include increased skin pigmentation, low sun exposure, wearing clothing that covers the skin, and a diet low in fish and dairy products.

Studies have previously shown that social habits in specific ethnic groups and a preference for wearing long clothing outdoors are independent risk factors for vitamin D deficiency, particularly among women.

The study categorized patients’ vitamin D levels as: deficient (below 50 nmol/L or 20 ng/ml), insufficient (50 nmol/L to 75 nmol/L or 20-29.9 ng/ml) , adequate (75–99.75 nmol/L or 30–39.9 ng/mL) and high normal (equal to or greater than 187.5 nmol/L or 40 ng/mL).

“From the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, establishing vitamin D deficiency as a risk factor was the goal of many researchers. It was the subject of much debate in the general public and in multiple medical journals,” the study said. .

The scientists noted that the study contributes to a continuously evolving body of evidence suggesting that a patient’s history of vitamin D deficiency is a predictive risk factor associated with a worse clinical course of COVID-19 and mortality.


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