Summary Xolos vs Pumas (1-0). Goal

Mexico City /

Cougars added tonight his second loss in a row at the start of the Closure 2022. With a shot from Lisandro Lopez, Xolos beat the felines 1-0 and thus the border team was able to win this campaign.

The central defender, who arrived for this tournament with the Aztec dogs, was in charge of defeating Alfredo Talavera with a goal. The player defined a volley with his left leg to put the 1-0 on the scoreboard after his squad wasted a penalty opportunity in the final stretch of the first half.

An exciting game in hot stadium in which the Fronterizos surpassed the felines and were able to capitalize on their good game with the victory.

Andrés Lillini’s squad remained without conceding thanks to saves from Talavera, who became a main factor for his teammates.

Before going to the locker room, the referee Diego Montaño scored a penalty in favor of Xolos. Facundo Ferreyra took care of the payment. Alfredo Talavera saved and the center signaled the repetition of the shot that on his second chance was sent to the side of the feline frame by the border striker himself.

Back on the pitch, the squad Sebastian Mendez He continued to dominate the field. That’s how at minute 68 the local fans celebrated their team’s goal and with that the victory.

no more, Pumas could not reverse the situation and in this resumption of Liga MX they could not recover from the defeat that Tigres caused them at home before the break in FIFA date. Thus, today they added their second defeat and continue with six units at the start of the tournament.

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