Rodolfo Pizarro ran into a journalist who called him ‘inflated’ in the UAE


The elimination of Scratched at the hands of Al-Ahly in the Club World Cup led to a curious meeting between Rodolfo Pizarro and the journalist Omar Zerónfrom the TNT Sports chain, who about a month and a half ago had a spicy exchange of posts on Twitter.

The journalist approached Rodolfo to talk about the elimination of the Gang, although the player was scattered, without wanting to delve into his answers and with his eyes away from Zerónwho limited himself to asking questions about the elimination.

For those who came later I think it was very difficultThey only had one day to recover. It ended up affecting us a lot, they were very important players to whom that happened and I think in the end it costs bill that”, commented the steering wheel, visibly worried and without turning to see him after being questioned about whether they affected the calls to the Selection.

Zerón had the opportunity to chat with Pizarro, since works in the network that owns the tournament rights which takes place in the United Arab Emirates.

What was said?

At the end of December, when the rumor spread that Pizarro could return to RayadosZerón published that it was a player “overrated, inflated and that he disappeared in important moments”, which led him to respond by remembering what a mess of skirts looks like, in addition to ironizing that it was a reporter who “was on YouTube”.

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