Referee sent Necaxa to change his socks because they were torn

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The MX League has given away another one of those unique postcards after the Necaxa players had to change their game socks moments before their match against the Tuzos from Pachuca for Matchday 4 of Closure 2022 and all because several of them they had their stockings cut off at the ankles.

The referee Marco Antonio Ortiz-Nava he sent all the Rays players out to change their socks, ripped or not. This is due to the fact that the refereeing body realized that there were several elements that brought broken socks and by regulation this cannot be possible.

Players often modify their socks to fit playing shoes, but as professionals they can’t jump onto the field like that. Several images on social networks showed how the Rayos footballers’ socks were cut short at the ankles.

were at least seven minutes which delayed the game against the Tuzos, but finally it was possible to play when the Rayos footballers paid attention and several of them, as if it were plain football, changed in the tunnel on the way to the locker room or flat on the bench.

This was one of the details that involved the duel in the victory Stadium, where the Tuzos from Pachuca took advantage in the first half and where one of the most eye-catching goals of Liga MX was also seen in this Closure 2022 thanks to Aviles Hurtado.

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