Piojo Herrera rules out returning to the Mexican National Team, prefers Tigres

Monterey, NL /

After rumors of the possible termination of Gerardo Martino of the Mexican teamand he then returned to Tri from Miguel Herrera, the Louse He stated that he plans to stay a long time in tigers.

The helmsman of the felines, who came to the bench in the Opening 2021 instead of Ricardo Ferrettihas the objective of doing the same thing as tukafor which he asserts everything was a baseless rumor.

“It doesn’t bother me or I don’t like it or anything, I’m very happy at Tigres, at no time have we established that, It has been a rumor outside the institution, I am very happy in Tigres… doing things as well as possible to try to do well like the previous technician who was here and stay a long time in this team“, He said.

“We don’t live on speculation, we live on reality,” added the strategist, who wishes the best to Mexico with Tata Martino; Furthermore, it underlines that “there is not so much anger”trusting that the selection will be in the Qatar World Cup no problem.

“There is a great squad, a good coach, who has not found the square in recent games, I am Mexican and I am going to Mexico, I want them to do as well as possible, they are fighting for direct qualification, there is not so much anger, it is not that we are suffering, if three games come, two of which are at home and visits to the weakest rival in the area, because that is what the numbers say, we will have to be in the World Cup without any problem and hopefully that will be the case, we are confident in the boys and I’m sure they’re going to do it,” he said.

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