More expensive banks when withdrawing cash from my credit card

So that the people who use plastics banking can take better care in managing their personal finances, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) has published a list of banks that charge commissions more expensive when making cash withdrawals from their Credit cardsso that they can make their decision with the necessary information.

own Condusef calls the users of these Bank cards to take into account, before doing the retirementwhich is a financing method that is very expensive, where each of the credit institutions manages its respective collection with different rates.

The bank that charges the highest fees when withdrawing money from a ATM (ATM) of the same institution is Santander with 10% of the total amount to be withdrawn, followed by other companies until the last one on the list, which is Citibanamexwhich charges 6% per disposition.

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The fact that this fee is charged for the amount of money that is withdrawn means that, for every hundred pesos that you request, the bank will apply a commission of ten pesos, or its equivalent of one hundred for every thousand pesos that are withdrawn. In the case of banking institution with less cost for this concept, what is charged for every hundred pesos is 6, so you will have to do the math to know how much it will cost you to obtain Money in cash by this method.

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As for the rest of the commercial banking that is registered in the list published by the Condusef, ordered from the highest commissions, it is as follows:

  1. Santander: 10%
  2. Affirm: 8.0%
  3. Bank of the Bajio: 8.0%
  4. Bancoppel: 8.0%
  5. scotiabank: 6.5%
  6. Banorte: 6.5%
  7. HSBC: 6.5%
  8. BBVA: 6.5%
  9. banregio: 6.0%
  10. Inbursa: 6.0%
  11. Citibanamex: 6.0%

Now, as regards the Total Annual Cost (CAT) average, not counting the Value Added Tax (VAT) for advertising, the Condusef revealed this list ordered from highest to lowest percentage of commissions:

  1. Santander: 82.1%
  2. Affirm: 82.5%
  3. Bank of the Shallows: 74.2%
  4. Bancoppel: 80.0%
  5. scotiabank: 87.7%
  6. Banorte: 102.5%
  7. HSBC: 65.5%
  8. BBVA: 97.2%
  9. banregio: 59.3%
  10. Inbursa: 77.1%
  11. Citibanamex: 74.7%.

The purpose of disclosing these rates by the Condusef is to provide the consumers the precise information so that before making a decision they have the elements to compare their options and proceed in the way that suits their particular needs and possibilities.

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