Luis Díaz, Liverpool bombshell that La Volpe wanted to take to Toluca

In his carrer, Ricardo La Volpe has not only had good eye to debut young in Mexico, but to bring foreign. Throughout his long journey, the Argentine brought good foreign elements and many others remained in the pipeline, because although he wanted them, they could not arrive. So he tried to bring the Toluca at 2019 to the today signing bomb of Liverpool, Luis Díaz, who was expensive for Liga MX and is now in the elite of world soccer.

Leo Fernandez, Vicente Sanchez and Cecilio Dominguez were other elements that he tried to sign, the first two he could not bring to the Toluca and the Atlasand the second was hired in the America. of mexicans debuted Diego Lainez and Edson Álvarez in Atlas to people like Mario Mendezand al Tri led for the first time to Andrew Saved.

“The truth is that he has extraordinary vision. To us as technicians, who was his assistant, We get many videos of players and promotersof managers. He says that working well in the academy you must know how to make a good centre-back, a full-back, a containment, what he says is difficult is finding players with imbalance. Many years ago He went to see a game in Uruguay and he liked Vicente Sánchez, they couldn’t take him to the Atlasthen took him Toluca and the guy broke it ”, Rafael García recalled in an interview with Mediotiempo.

Before that it arrived Leo Fernandezhe had already wanted to wear it a year before and came when he was gone. This is the case of many, the case of Díaz, we visualized it in Toluca, yes there was an approach, but at that time they said no, that it was very expensiveand right now they must be repenting because they let go of a jewel.

Finally the Colombian Díaz arrived in Porto in 2019 and not to Tolucaand this week was acquired by the Liverpool of England.

But besides the foreignthe virtue of mustache has always been the give young people a chance. It was perhaps during his stay in Atlas that this point was most noticeable, but when he was in america a few years ago, he also gave that sample to the debut people like Diego Lainez.

Cecilio Dominguez there the directive of the America and had good years, now he’s in the MLS, always try to look for those kind of elements, that’s why the case of Lainez. I was in the Sub 17, I liked to watch the matches of the 17 and 20, It called my attention, I told him that there was a player who had the characteristics that he liked, He said to go up to the Sub 20they didn’t play it and he asked for it for the first team, he saw it for 2 weeks and he debuted it against Pumas, and from there he had regularity”, commented García.

The years prove him right who had a very good vision with Lainez and with Edson Alvarezit was before (Erik) Pimentel and Ventura (Alvarado) and she trusted him, and that good eye of hers never fails her.

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