Johan Vásquez and the problems he suffered to get to play against Roma

After traveling and not playing for a minute with the Mexican National Team, the defender overcame setbacks on the return flights and was able to stand out with Genoa

John Vasquezdefense of Genoafaced the Rome of José Mourinho this Saturday in one of the best exhibitions that the young Mexican has given since he arrived in Europe. The sonorense, who was at left back, stopped Nicolo Zaniolo and Tammy Abraham repeatedly so that his team could get a point in their visit to the Italian capital.

But the way to get to Rome It was not easy, because Johan, after his trip to Mexico to be with Mexican team in the Concacaf Octagonal duels as part of the qualification for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, he did the impossible to return to Italy and report with his team.

And it is that Johan did not play a minute with him Tricolora situation that was inexplicable for many fans of the national team, who complained on social networks about their inactivity.

However, after Wednesday’s game, Johan had to fly to Italy to report to Genoa, but he suffered setbacks to reach the Old Continent, as he suffered the cancellation of one flight and then the change of schedule of another, a situation that revealed his agent, Armando Vallejo. Finally, he was able to arrive on Friday in the Italian capital against all odds.

Given his unusual arrival, he was able to jump to the Olympic Stadium in Rome as a starter under the command of Alexander Blessin, who occupies him as left back instead of center back, but that was not an impediment for him to sign a good match.

On the pitch, Johan made five clearances, blocked a shot, had two key interceptions and was barely dribbled twice. Similarly, he committed four fouls and won three of nine duels on the ground.

However, when his team suffered attacks from Mourinho’s team, Johan closed all the spaces, the only thing that complicated him was when he received pressure at the start, since it was difficult for him to go out with a controlled ball and that’s when he suffered some ball losses .

Similarly, so far this season of the A series and according to data from SofaScore, he is the best defender in three areas, since he has 10.4 ball recoveries per game, he has 3.1 takedowns per game and he is the best in terms of ground duels won per game with 4.1. Also, he hasn’t made any serious mistakes in 1,347 minutes.

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