“I would have liked to retire in America”

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Rubens Sambueza said that he would have liked to return to America to retire, although now he thinks about winning his match with Atlético de San Luis.

Sambueza will play against his old love again.
© picture 7Sambueza will play against his old love again.

America Y Athletic Saint Louis They will collide in a duel marked by the urgency of both teams to get out of the bottom of the standings. Both teams made a transfer market with resounding additions, so surely the position of each one is not satisfied.

In addition to being the first commitment of Las Águilas in the Azteca Stadium, the game will also mark the return of Rubens Sambueza to the Coloso de Santa Úrsula to face his former team. Along these lines, he spoke with Fox Sports MX Y He referred to the special aspect of this clash and his failed return to the institution.

“I have a lot of respect for the institution, but today I am with Atlético de San Luis and what I want is to win. At the time I would have liked to retire there. Now I think the chances are less. You have to think of something else now.” the Argentine pointed out uneasily.

On the other hand, he gave his opinion about Los Azulcremas and pointed out that they could play better because of the quality of their squad: “America today could play much better because of the players they have. Its elements have a lot of hierarchy and a good footing, of selection, and that is why it is respected. You can always grow and learn.”

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