Doctor fired for prescribing unapproved medicine

Edith Behr is the doctor from Pennsylvania, in the United States, who was fired from Tower Health hospitalthrough complaints reported after mass prescribed ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine; two drugs that are not approved for treatment against covid-19.

The hospital noted that Food and Drug Administration The FDA has not approved the use of ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine for use as a treatment against covid.

Tower Health indicated that of course, a licensed physician can prescribe medication approved for off-label purposes, the pre-registration process must meet medical licensing requirements, as well as make a proper evaluation and history of the patient, including allergies and potential drug interactions, and legitimize the dosage amount, among other things, in the patient’s medical record. However, Dr. Behr did not meet these requirements.

The accusations were linked to a Facebook broadcast of Taste Of Sicilywhere Christine Mason, identified as being close to the Palmyra restaurant, spoke about a doctor who works to help people with covid-19. Although Mason did not explain which drugs he was, he was referring to them. like “I” and “H”.

For his part, the Lebanon County District Attorney commented that in his office answered phone calls and emails who filed several complaints against Taste Of SicilyMost of them were done anonymously.

One of the pharmacies that supplied ivermectin with prescriptions from Dr. Behr stated that due to the relentless persecution they received from external sources to your company, such as your staff, decided discontinue manufacturing of oral dosage forms unique and specific to patients of the drug ivermectin.

Finally, the pharmaceutical company confirmed that its work consists of help any patient whose doctor defines that he is an applicant for a personalized treatment alternative. Just as they also hope to work with their patients and providers in the same ethical, legal and charitable way that they have always had.


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