‘Baños, call Televisa and avoid criticism’; Faitelson tunde al America

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The defeat of Americaat home, against Atlético San Luis, was the perfect opportunity for David Fatelson will drop some teasingWell, he demonstrated it on social networks, asking him to Santiago Baños ‘call Televisa to prevent them from criticizing his team’.

Remember that a few days ago, Paco Villa and the Dog Bermudez they went out to ask apologies for having criticized America, fact that is said wine ‘by order’ by Santiago Bañosso after another defeat, Faitelson asked for a new call to Televisa.

Faitelson swamped America in networks

Through his Twitter account, at ESPN analyst sent him some errands to Americabeginning by referring to the result could be more bulky against himbecause despite finishing 2-3 and the fans saying they were able to draw, he He saw a 6-3 against as feasible.

other message that caught a lot of attention was where he states Santiago Bathsbecause as it was said, it refers to the fact that They should call Televisa and so they will not have bad reviews on that side.

Santiago Baths: hurry up and call televisa urgently to prevent them from being criticized…” he wrote on Twitter.

And if that was not enough, Faitelson scoffed that him only team in Liga MX that I had not put goal in the tournament made three to America and also ignited controversy for his lack of victoriessomething that begins to worry within Coapa.

You haven’t won since October, you lose at home, 0-3 with a team that has an interim coach and that had not scored a single goal in the season… What proceeds?”, it reads.

America is located in the position 16 of Liga MXthe result of a tie and two defeats, but we must remember that they have a pending match.

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