3 homemade tricks with paracetamol to have a beautiful garden and a clean house

The paracetamol It is one of the most famous medicines for its effectiveness in relieving pain and currently, for its use to treat the symptoms caused by COVID-19. However, this drug is beneficial once used in the home. Just as you read it! The paracetamol can help you get the garden of your dreams, beautiful and full of plantswhile helping you clean the house. Do you want to know how to use it? Here I share 3 useful tricks for him home.

If you have paracetamol at home you can use it, even the one that is already expired works for your plants Y cleaning of the House. That yes, if for medical indication you must take it, do not consume any medication that has already expired. Now, the way to use this drug to clean objects in your house or to have succulents Y beautiful cacti is next. Go get pencil and paper and write down the steps!

What is paracetamol and what is it used for?

The paracetamol is a medicine very common (sold without a prescription) used to relieve fever and pain. Like any drug, it is suggested that its intake be supervised by a doctor to avoid adverse reactions.

Homemade tricks with paracetamol

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resistant plants

Keeping your plants alive for longer is possible with paracetamol. Forget that idea that you don’t have good hand to take care of the garden. use this medicine in your plants Y prevent them from dying easily: crush a tablet and sprinkle on your succulents, cacti and houseplants; in the following days you will notice that they look more beautiful.

Remove stains from clothes

Does your favorite blouse get stained or does your white clothes look yellow? then use the paracetamol to remove dirt and restore its color; It’s very easy, just crush 5 pills and mix them with 10 drops of water. Once this is done, carve the area with a toothbrush that has the paste formed with paracetamol and rinse.

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clean the iron

Over the years, the base of the iron stains and burns, causing your clothes to ruin. If you don’t want this to happen to you, do the following: turn your iron on to the highest setting; then take a tablet paracetamol with tweezers and rub it on the stained surface; at the end, when the iron is still hot, clean it with a cloth.

what did you think of these household tricks with paracetamol? Did you know any?

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