The new VW Amarok with a Ford Ranger engine, like this in all versions?

Volkswagen continues testing the new generation of Amarok and even during the last time images appeared in teaser format of the inside and outside.

However, one of the big doubts will be the mechanics that this truck will offer. Although it is known that will be the first cousin of the unprecedented generation of Ford Ranger, it is estimated that under the hood they would share different components.

repeatedly there was talk that the engines would be exactly the samealthough in recent months different paths have been opened that could indicate that some propellants would be shared and others would not (at least in some markets).

Volkswagen Amarok

For example, so far there is no data on the 2.0 Panther engine that the Ranger will equipbut we could take into account other Ford models with the same monoturbo mechanics It has 170 hp or 185 hp, while the biturbo reaches 213 hp, like the current one Ranger Raptor.

According to drive, the 2.0 would be used by both trucks, as would the exhaust systems. The question is in the larger 3.0-liter V6 engine. In Australia, the 3.0 TDI is still offered, with the difference that apparently did not adopt the power of 258 hp, but continues with 224 hp (258 hp overboost).

ford ranger

The new Ranger would also have a 3.0 V6 derived from the F-150 with 253 hp. In markets such as the oceanic The idea of ​​sharing this mechanic between both pick-ups is not a bad ideaalthough in countries where Amarok has 258 hp as standard, it would be a slight reduction in power.

Added to this Drive report is the Volkswagen Amarok recent information Ra sports version prepared for off-road that she could be the first cousin of the Ranger Raptor (what her design would be like). However, we will have to be vigilant and see if the German firm adopts Ford’s “sport” engineering or if it adds a new partner in the face of a possible refusal.

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